Best Places to Hang Out in Maple Crest Community

Maple Crest has so many fantastic places to go and spend time with your family! Maple Crest Community provides gorgeous natural amenities that anyone can enjoy. We’ve asked our community members what their favourite places in the community are, and we’re giving you the inside scoop!

Maple Crest Community is a large development in Southeast Edmonton. We have tons of fantastic spots for community members to spend time in. If you’re looking to build a new home, Maple Crest is one of the best places to go! We have many fantastic builders who will help personalize your home to your needs and tastes, and there’s a home for every budget and family size! From gorgeous duplexes to amazing front attached homes, Maple Crest has it all!

Here are the top four places in Maple Crest to go and spend time with your family!

1. Using the Trails

Maple Crest has a fantastic trail system! Once stage 8 opened up, the amazing trails became a convenient loop for families to enjoy. The Maple Crest Community trail loop allows you to circle Fulton Creek. You’ll walk past some of the finished ravine lot homes and see the lovely architecture available in the community to one side, and thick wooded areas to the other! The loop is a fantastic length for going on walks with your children or pets. It’s also a great place to meet friends and family for a small, outdoor get together as the trails are great for spacing out! The wonderful trails in Maple Crest are definitely one of the top places in the community!

2. Benches at Fulton Marsh

Fulton Marsh is one of the diamonds of the community. This 75 acre wetland is home to tons of wildlife and flora. Fulton Marsh is home to many species, and you can often find partridges, swans, ducks, pelicans, hawks, gulls, and geese enjoying the large natural reserve! Maple Crest Community members love using the Fulton Marsh rest areas to watch the geese and other wildlife! Enjoying the beautiful wetland is a fun activity for adults and kids alike! When looking for a great spot in Maple Crest, you can’t go wrong with the benches at Fulton Marsh!

3. Maple Crest Playground

The Maple Crest playground is a great place to take your kids for a fun afternoon in the sun! Take your family for a stroll through the community and then enjoy the lovely playground and surrounding greenspace! Bring a ball or frisbee to play with and spend time on the jungle gym. The Maple Crest Playground is a great amenity for families to enjoy, as the space provides a fun and safe environment for children to play and be active!

4. Watching the Sunset on the Hill

One hidden gem in Maple Crest is the gorgeous view from the hill by the Maple Crest sign! You can sit and watch the sun set, and maybe even bring a picnic dinner to enjoy the views! If you haven’t yet, our community members would definitely recommend checking out the hill by the Maple Crest sign! During the day you can enjoy the leisurely pace of community members walking by, see the sun set over the community, and at night you can lean back and enjoy the stars! The views from the hill by the Maple Crest sign are a fantastic way to spend time with your family and enjoy the community!

Maple Crest Community has so much to offer! These four spots are just a portion of the fantastic things to do in Maple Crest. Maple Crest is all about living with ease, living with choice, and living with nature! You can easily commute to the entire city with quick access to all major roadways from Maple Crest plus lots of shopping options, choose between multiple builders and home styles, and check out the fantastic natural amenities throughout the community!