Brand New Homes for Sale Edmonton

Maple Crest has beautiful, brand new homes for sale in Edmonton. Our select builder group offers a variety of home styles and lots to ensure that your brand new home is built exactly to your liking. If you are looking for a brand new home for sale in Edmonton, you can find your dream home in Maple Crest!

Why Buy a Brand New Home?

Detached garage Edmonton
Front attached garage for sale Edmonton

There are many benefits to purchasing a brand new home. For starters, purchasing a new home allows you to choose a home based on the lot and location, ensuring that you can get your dream home in your dream location. Buying a brand new home in Edmonton also ensures that you can choose from a great set of builders. Choosing your builder means you can pick a style and flair that works with your particular tastes. Resale homes don’t allow you to personalize your home before you move in, so when you buy a brand new home you can work with your builder to make updates and personalizations to your home’s design that fit you! 

There are also advantages to buying a brand new home in Edmonton because you are living in a home that has not been lived in or used before. All your appliances, mechanical systems, and windows will be brand new, so you will have the newest technology and highest quality materials in your home, and there won’t be any wear and tear! One of the biggest advantages to buying a brand new home is that you get a warranty for your home. New homes have a regulated warranty system in Alberta. The minimum warranty for brand new homes in Alberta is one year coverage for labour and materials, two years coverage for delivery and distribution systems, five years of coverage for building envelope protection, and ten years of coverage for major structural components. 

Brand new homes Edmonton

Maple Crest’s Brand New Homes for Sale

Maple Crest has seven wonder builders to choose from. Akash Homes, Homes by Avi, and Look Master Builder build wonderful duplexes in a variety of styles, Bedrock Homes builds detached and attached garage single family homes, and Hopewell Residential, Crystal Creek Homes, and Art Homes all build attached garage single family homes!

Akash Homes

Akash kitchen
Akash bathroom

Akash Homes builds brand new duplexes in Maple Crest. Their new set of show homes will be opening in September. They offer two wonderful styles of duplexes in the community, and their unique design elements showcase a modern yet accessible style. They offer affordable homes that are perfect for families looking to build their first home or downsize into a more comfortable space. If you are looking for a brand new duplex in Edmonton, contact Akash!

Art Homes

Art Homes

Art Homes is Maple Crest’s newest builder. They are building luxury homes that are spacious, elegant, and modern. Their show home, the Bellagio, will be open for touring early fall. Art Homes builds executive homes that offer plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms for a growing family or multi-generational home. You can learn more about their upcoming showhome by contacting Art!

Bedrock Homes

Bedrock interior
Bedrock exterior

Bedrock Homes has two amazing show homes in Maple Crest, the Mia K and the Callie P. The Callie P is a bold and modern attached garage single family home, and the Mia K is a gorgeous laned home. Bedrock Homes offers a wide variety of attached garage home styles to suit your needs. If you’re looking to move-up or find your forever home, Bedrock Homes can help you find the perfect floorplan and home type to suit your family. 

Crystal Creek Homes

Crystal Creek exterior
Crystal Creek interior

Crystal Creek Homes sells fabulous single family homes in Maple Crest. They offer attached garage and detached garage homes at an affordable price, perfect for young families looking to upgrade to a single family home. Their show home, the Sycamore 2, has a spacious feel with light and bright elements. For a modern and roomy attached garage home, you can count on Crystal Creek!

Homes by Avi

Homes by Avi interior
Homes by Avi exterior

Homes by Avi sells detached garage duplexes in Maple Crest. These duplex homes offer additional usable space within the home and a fantastic curb appeal. The Jade and Finn are the Homes by Avi show homes, and they feature lots of natural light and two modern, open-concept floor plans. You can tour their show homes to learn more about building a new duplex in Maple Crest!

Hopewell Residential

Hopewell exterior
Hopewell interior

Hopewell Residential offers brand new attached garage homes. Their show home, the Lina, offers versatile spaces that are perfect for families. Whether you want a den or a children’s playroom, Hopewell’s open concept style creates a perfect canvas for your dream home. You can trust Hopewell to help you build a brand new single family home in Maple Crest.

Look Master Builder

Look Master Builder

Look Master Builder is currently building a new show home in Maple Crest. They offer attached garage duplexes which provide convenience and ease of entry. The duplexes are spacious while affordable, making them perfect for young families looking to purchase a first home or couples looking to downsize from a large, single family home. Contact Look Master Builder to learn more about building an attached garage home in Maple Crest. 

Building in Maple Crest

Aerial image Maple Crest

Maple Crest currently has lots available in phases 8, 9, and 10. If you are interested in building a brand new home in Edmonton, Maple Crest has a wide range of lots and home styles to choose from. Maple Crest is a wonderful community in southeast Edmonton with tons of natural amenities, shopping and restaurants, as well as convenient access to major Edmonton highways.