Fall Decor Design Trends 2022

Designing your home to fit your style can bring a lot of joy and comfort to your personal space. Sometimes, it can be difficult to know what interior choices are in style and which are on their way out. Interior design can be tricky, but we’ve compiled some of our top fall design trends for 2022 to help you make a decision!

1. Flooring Design Trends

Flooring trends are constantly changing, from contrasting tiles to light wood and everything in between. The top flooring design trends for 2022 are using luxury vinyl plank flooring in a taupe or medium brown colour scheme. Luxury vinyl plank flooring offers a lot of benefits such as added comfort, water resistance, and durability. Hardwood floors are a fantastic option if you want to upgrade to something more luxurious. In 2022, taupes and medium browns are in fashion as they go with a variety of styles and tend to stand the test of time.

2. Kitchen Design Trends

Open-concept kitchens remain popular as they provide a more welcoming space for entertaining and spending time with family and friends. Light coloured countertops in the styles of real stone and marble are becoming a top trend for fall kitchens. Light tones of cupboards are also in style, typically in white or light grey. A large trend for fall 2022 kitchens is moving away from dark, dramatic kitchens toward more natural and brightly designed kitchens.

3. Room Design Trends

In Fall, 2022, one of the biggest trends is to create multi-functional spaces. This may mean putting a working desk in with a television and sitting area, adding meditation and relaxation space alongside an exercise area, and more. Multi-functional spaces can be incredibly beneficial as you get the most out of your home. When it comes to décor, brighter furniture is in style where teal, green, and other jewel toned furniture is making its way to the forefront.

4. Master Bedroom Design Trends

In fall 2022, we’re seeing a lot of searching for relaxing, zen spaces – especially in bedrooms. Many master bedroom designs have included corners for meditation or quiet reading. Comfortable nooks, large amounts of natural light, and soft, comforting colours are all trending for bedroom designs. Many homes are bringing natural elements into bedrooms, such as soft browns and greens, decorative plants, and wooden furniture for bed frames, dressers, and bedside tables.

5. Wall Design Trends

In Fall, 2022, design trends are going in two directions. Many people are choosing to paint in soft, light colours that are relaxing and natural looking. Another trend is playing with bright or dramatic patterns, especially for feature walls in offices or entertainment rooms. Patterned wallpaper is making a comeback, and is a fun way to add colour and eye-catching drama to any room.

6. Furniture Design Trends

A key design trend for fall 2022 is adding natural elements to rooms. Many people are adding natural looks through furniture. This means lightly coloured linen couches, wooden furniture, stone table tops, brown leather or suede couches, and more.

7. Colour Design Trends

Natural, light and airy colours are incredibly popular when it comes to walls and furniture. However, many homes are adding pops of bright colour through the use of throw pillows and blankets, flowers, feature furniture, and other decorative items. Adding bright colours through smaller, less expensive furniture and décor is a great way to stay in style and easily change up your home as you like. The 2022 Pantone of the year is “Very Peri”, a dark lavender colour. Adding this colour alongside natural furniture with accessories is a great way to follow fall 2022’s design trends. 

This year’s design trends are bringing in a variety of styles, from soft and light naturals to bright colours with high contrast patterns. The most important step in choosing your home’s design is to pick what works best for you and will make you happy. The most important design trend of fall 2022 is to pick colours, home finishings, and décor that you love! 

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