Home Types in Southeast Edmonton, Maple Crest

There are plenty of home types in Southeast Edmonton to choose from! Maple Crest Community offers a wide variety of home styles that can fit your family! From lovely duplexes to luxury attached garage single family homes, whatever your budget and whatever your needs are, there’s a home for you in Maple Crest! If you’re wondering what the best home style in Maple Crest is for your family, and what the perks of each home style are, look no further! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the home types available in Maple Crest!


Townhomes are a multi-family home style where typically three to five units are built together. Townhomes are a fantastic choice for families looking to buy their first home, or if you’re looking to downsize your home without giving up the benefits of a house. 

Benefits of Townhomes:

  • Townhomes give you the feel of a house as there’s typically three floors per unit and units have front and back yards. 
  • Townhomes typically cost much less than a single family home. 
  • Townhomes let you get to know your neighbours! This can be a huge advantage if you’re on vacation or away from your home for long periods of time for both insurance and security purposes. 

You can find amazing townhouses in Maple Crest! 


Duplexes are a wonderful home option available in Maple Crest! A Duplex is a multi-family home where two units are connected by a shared wall. Duplexes can come in attached or detached garage style, and they are a fantastic option for people looking for a new home! 

Benefits of Duplex Homes:

  • Duplexes offer slightly more privacy than townhomes as you are only connected to one other unit.
  • Duplexes are at a lower price point than single family homes, and you can get a large home for a lower cost, Duplexes in Maple Crest start at the low $300s!
  • Duplexes offer an option for multi-family living with the privacy of separate units! Buying two, attached units at the same time can result in a faster build time as well as negotiable discounts with your builder. Sharing a Duplex with your family can be a huge benefit!
  • Detached garage Duplexes have a lovely curb appeal.
  • Duplexes offer many of the perks of a house, such as front and back yards, basements, as well as an optional deck. 
  • Duplexes tend to have three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms, a great size for most families!
  • When you buy a Duplex in Maple Crest, you’ll likely be offered a deck and front landscaping as part of the home build! Talk to your builder about additional options!

You can find available Detached Garage Duplexes in from Homes by Avi and Akash Homes, and Attached Garage Duplexes by Look Master Builder!

Laned Homes

Laned Homes, also known as detached garage single family homes, are a fantastic home style available in Maple Crest. Laned Homes have a lovely curb appeal as the front of the home has a classic and clean appearance with, many of which have a porch! 

Benefits of a Laned Home:

  • Laned Homes have all the privacy of a single family home without the additional costs of an attached garage. Laned Homes in Maple Crest begin in the $330s.
  • Laned Homes do not require a garage, which can be a large cost savings if you don’t need a garage!
  • Laned Homes have a large front yard which gives you more space to spend time outdoors. 
  • Laned Homes are very versatile in size where you can choose floor plans that have the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that you need. 
  • Laned Homes offer many different architectural styles to choose from.

Laned Homes are available in Maple Crest from Crystal Creek Homes and Bedrock Homes!

Attached Garage Single Family Homes

Attached Garage Single Family Homes are the most lavish styles of homes available in Maple Crest. Attached garage homes feature the garage as part of the front view, offering an alluring curb appeal.

Benefits of an Attached Garage Home:

  • Attached Garage Homes offer the most inclusions in the build, as the garage is part of the original scope of the home.
  • Attached Garage Homes offer the most opportunities for upgrades and customization, and they are often considered move-up homes
  • Some builders provide the option to modify floorplans in an Attached Garage Home. This could give you more bedrooms and bathrooms, or flex space depending on what you’d like to fit your needs.
  • Attached Garage Homes are great in the case of extreme weather conditions, as your vehicles are protected from extreme cold and heat, and you can access them without going outside!
  • Having an entrance to your home through the garage can be seen as a huge advantage for Attached Garage Homes. 
  • Attached Garage Homes in Maple Crest are often viewed as incredibly reasonable, starting at the $450s!
  • Attached Garage Homes offer lots of privacy as you have a single family home that also allows you to enter and exit your home without being seen.

You can purchase Attached Garage Homes in Maple Crest from Bedrock Homes, Crystal Creek Homes, and Hopewell Residential!

There are so many home styles available in Maple Crest, you’re bound to find the perfect new home to suit your needs! Visit our show homes to learn more about what our fantastic builders can do for you.