Maple Crest’s Secondary Accesses

Maple Crest’s primary access on Maple Road NW can sometimes be backed up and residents may seek out alternative ways to enter and leave the community. We’re pleased to inform everyone that there are two alternative accesses and exits to Maple Crest! Both accesses take you to Meridian Street NW where you can access a number of routes. 

Maple Crest’s secondary accesses are on the east side of the community, one accessible on 39th Ave NW and the other accessible on 33rd Ave (formerly 8th St).

Finding Maple Crest’s Secondary Access Routes

If you’re looking to leave the community, you can access the 39th Ave community exit by heading east on Maple Road NW then north on Maple Way. You’ll take your first right on 39th Ave NW and at the end of the road is an exit to Meridian Street. The 33rd Ave community exit is accessed by heading east on Maple Road all the way to the end, the road then curves and turns into 33rd Ave where there’s another exit onto Meridian St NW, just farther south that the 39th Ave exit. 

From Meridian St, you can access an Anthony Henday overpass that will connect to Range Roads and to Wye Road, as well as take Meridian St all the way to 17th Street. If you’re looking to go to 17th from one of Maple Crest’s secondary access points, you will need to take Meridian St all the way south where it turns into W Railway St and eventually 23rd Ave. Heading east on 23rd Ave is also the turn off on 17th Street to access Maple Crest from an alternative route other than Maple Road. 

Getting In and Out of Maple Crest Community

Although Maple Road remains the most convenient and direct route in and out of Maple Crest, there are additional ways to enter and exit the community. We’ve created a map that will help everyone who wishes to find an alternative access to the community! Follow the secondary access routes labelled in this map to find your way in and out of Maple Crest!