17 Tips for Moving with a Pet

Everything you need to know to make moving with a pet as seamless as possible

Maple Crest, an established new development, offers the perfect setting for building a brand new home. This community boasts plenty of walking trails and open greenspaces, making it an ideal haven not only for families but also for those moving with their beloved pets. Moving with pets can be a challenging experience, particularly for dogs and cats who may struggle to acclimate to new environments. If you’re considering building a new home in Maple Crest, here are 17 tips to make the moving process smoother for both you and your furry friends.

Tips for Moving with a Pet

1. Bring Your Outdoor Pets for Walks

Introducing your dogs or outdoor pets to the new community through walks and visits before the actual move is a crucial step. Familiarizing them with the scents, sights, and sounds of Maple Crest will help ease their anxiety when they eventually move in. This pre-move exploration allows them to feel more comfortable in their new environment, making the transition smoother.

2. Introduce Your Pets to Packing Supplies

Allowing your pets, especially cats, to investigate and familiarize themselves with packing supplies can alleviate their stress. Letting them sniff around boxes and other materials will help them understand that changes are happening, minimizing their apprehension towards new objects in their territory.

3. Bring Items with Familiar Smells

Bringing items from your current home into your new one before moving your pets ensures they have familiar scents in their new surroundings. Whether it’s their bed, toys, blankets, or even your regular furniture, having these items in place will provide a sense of security and comfort as they settle into their new home.

4. Dedicate a Quiet Space

As you’re moving in, make sure to establish a quiet and dedicated space for your pets. This area should be free from the hustle and bustle of unpacking, providing a safe retreat where your pets can find solace if they feel overwhelmed. It’s essential for them to have a safe space to hide in during the adjustment period.

5. Update Your Pet Information

Ensuring your pets’ information is up-to-date with your vet as well as the registration is crucial. This precautionary measure will make sure your pet can be found in the system if lost, and that your vet has all the right information. Your vet may also suggest a check up and even suggest some sedatives if your pets are nervous travellers. 

6. Know Pet Laws and Requirements

Understanding local pet laws and requirements is important, especially when moving to a new city. Make sure your pets comply with the regulations in Maple Crest, ensuring a smooth transition without any legal complications.

7. Treats for Positive Reinforcement

During the move, use treats to positively reinforce good behavior. Positive reinforcement will create a positive association with the moving process, making it a less stressful experience for your pets. There’s no shame in bribing your pets during this stressful time!

8. Consider Pet Daycare

Enrolling your pets in daycare during the moving process can be beneficial. It provides a safe and controlled environment, keeping them away from the chaos of moving day and minimizing stress. This also ensures your pets are well-cared for while you focus on the logistics of the move, giving you more peace of mind.

9. Pack an Emergency and Overnight Bag

Prepare an overnight bag for your pets with their essentials. Including food, water bowls, collar and leash, ID tags, car-safe crates, treats, a few toys, bathroom supplies, and their favourite bed or blanket ensures that your pets have everything they need for their first night in the new home. This thoughtful preparation eases their transition and provides comfort during the initial adjustment period.

10. Stick to Existing Schedules

Maintaining your pets’ existing schedules is crucial for stability. Consistency in feeding times, walks, and playtime helps them feel secure and lessens the impact of the change in their surroundings. Stick to familiar routines to ease their adjustment to Maple Crest.

11. Discuss Enclosed Fencing with Your Builder

When building in Maple Crest, it’s a good idea to discuss the installation of enclosed fencing with your builder. This provides a secure and defined space for your pets to explore and play freely while keeping them safe in the new community.

12. Pet-Proof Your Home

Identifying and eliminating potential hazards in your new home is crucial for your pets’ safety. Pet-proofing ensures there are no areas where they could get stuck or encounter dangers, creating a secure environment for them to explore.

13. Add a Pet Door

Consider installing a pet door to give your pets easy access to the outdoors. This addition promotes freedom and independence, allowing them to explore the yard at their leisure, contributing to their overall well-being. Plus it’s a fun upgrade and bonus to your brand new home!

14. Designate Hidden Spots for Litter Boxes

Home builders have cool designs for just about everything. For cat owners, consider discussing with your builder the creation of designated, hidden spots for litter boxes. This will provide you with a discreet and tidy living space while accommodating your feline friend’s needs.

15. Upgrade to Heated Floors

Upgrading to heated floors in your new home provides a cozy and warm environment for your pets, especially during colder seasons. This extra comfort contributes to their overall well-being and happiness — plus it’s fantastic for humans too!

16. Install a Dog Run

If you have dogs, incorporating a dog run into your backyard provides them with ample space for exercise and play and is a great way to upgrade your backyard. This dedicated area ensures they can burn off energy and stay active, promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle.

17. Include a Pet Bathing Station

Upgrading your laundry room to include a pet bathing station makes grooming a breeze and might be one of the best pet-friendly upgrades available. This convenience ensures you can keep your pets clean and well-groomed, contributing to their overall health and comfort, without covering your bathroom in splashes or having to drive to a pet groomer.

Maple Crest is Perfect for Moving with Pets

Maple Crest is the perfect place to move with pets. With sprawling walking trails, expansive greenspaces, and a dog-friendly community, your pets will thrive in this welcoming environment. The community offers large lots, ensuring your home and yard can be tailored to meet your pets’ unique needs. Maple Crest is also home to excellent veterinary clinics and a supportive community of fellow pet owners, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a community with vibrant lifestyles their pets will thrive in!

In Maple Crest, you have the opportunity to build not just a house but a home that suits both your vision and your pets’ needs. Talk to your builder about creating a space that accommodates your furry friends, ensuring a seamless transition to this pet-friendly community. With the right planning and a home tailored to your pets’ needs, Maple Crest is the perfect place for a fresh start where both you and your pets can thrive.