Live at Maple Crest

Oversized Green Spaces & Walking Trails

Maple Crest offers oversized green space reserves, professionally developed parks, and ravine woodlands. These passive recreation areas provide beautiful space to walk, exercise, explore, and relax! Natural trails and constructed walking paths connect the community’s various stages and lifestyle amenities. With multiple kilometers of walking trails within the community, you’ll find ample space to go for walks and bike rides with family, friends, or pets! The pathways are well maintained and easily accessible, allowing anyone to enjoy the exercise and outdoor activities through the natural beauty of Maple Crest.

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The vast greenspaces also create an aura of privacy and calm that ensures a wholesome living environment away from the hectic pace of daily life. Regardless of your passions, there’s always room to toss a Frisbee, walk your dog, or just lie back and let the clouds roll by.

Maple Crest is also home to Fulton Marsh, Edmonton’s largest stormwater management facility. Since its creation fifteen years ago, it has evolved into a beautiful 75 acre wetland, located in the northwest corner of Maple Crest. Dream Development, the creator of Maple Crest, is committed to maintaining the natural integrity of these wetlands by integrating them into the neighbourhood’s master plan and investing in improvements and walking trails. This impressive green space provides a refreshing escape from everyday life to a world of migratory birds, quiet animal sightings, relaxed walks and the beauty of nature.

Other amenities within the community include a playground and schools where children can play and learn where they live. Maple Crest has so much to offer to those living in the community!


Dine at Maple Crest

Restaurants for any Appetite

Maple Crest has a wide variety of restaurants in and around the community! You can enjoy sit down restaurants in a variety of cuisines as well as fast food restaurants. Restaurants in and around Maple Crest are incredibly diverse, serving delicious curries, tasty burgers, fried chicken, or soothing pho! Whether you’re looking for a quick snack and coffee on your way to work or taking your family out to a lovely meal, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Maple Crest. Maple Crest also has multiple coffee shops where you can get your coffee on the go or take a good book and relax with a cappuccino and muffin. 


Amenities at Maple Crest

Our Urban Centre

The areas surrounding Maple Crest have all the amenities you could hope for. Maple Crest is just minutes away from two large shopping centres. You can find multiple clothing, home and hardware, and grocery stores right by the community off 17th Street. 

Maple Crest also has all the practical facilities you need to keep your family safe and healthy. With wonderful schools, a recreation centre, and medical centres, your family will be more than equipped to learn, play, and feel secure in the neighbourhood. The Meadows Rec Centre has a variety of athletics fields and facilities, as well as an EPS library. Right by Maple Crest you’ll also find a movie theatre and entertainment complex. Sports and recreation facilities, schools, medical centres, and a superb array of shopping, restaurants, and entertainment places make life in Maple Crest convenient and satisfying! 

Maple Crest is also a fantastic place to live as a commuter community! A large transit centre is just a minute away from the community, taking you all over the city with ETS public transit! The transit centre offers a park and ride option, so you can park for free and take the bus anywhere you need to go! The community is easily accessible by both the Whitemud and Anthony Henday, meaning you are able to access the city with ease.