2024 Homes for Sale in Maple Crest

Nestled in the Southeast of Edmonton, Maple Crest is the perfect blend of modern living and natural serenity. If you’ve been on the lookout for your dream home, look no further than Maple Crest! Our 2024 homes for sale allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a brand new home with a community that’s mostly finished construction. With a diverse range of housing options to suit every taste and lifestyle, easy connections to the rest of the city, plus natural amenities, our 2024 homes for sale are for you! Whether you’re drawn to the allure of attached garage homes, detached garage homes, or duplex living, Maple Crest has something extraordinary for everyone.

Your dream home awaits – find your perfect 2024 homes in Maple Crest!

What Home Styles are Available in Maple Crest?

If you’re considering making Maple Crest your home, there are plenty of amazing home types to choose from! Our vibrant community offers home building options to suit almost every preference and budget. These include both attached and detached garage single-family homes and duplexes. Maple Crest has something for everyone!

What is an attached garage home?

An attached garage home is a residential property where the garage is directly connected to the main living space of the house. In these homes, the garage is typically integrated into the floor plan and shares a common wall with the living areas. The distinguishing feature of an attached garage home is the convenience of direct access from the garage into the house, often through a connecting door. 

Attached garage homes offer the convenience of being able to park in your garage and head directly into your home, perfect for our Alberta weather! They are often larger, single-family dwellings, offering more space for families or individuals who value both comfort and luxury. Finally, attached garage homes can offer opportunities for the creation of income suites or additional living spaces, enhancing their versatility. Attached garage homes in Maple Crest are perfect for those looking to build their forever home!

What is a detached garage home?

A detached garage home is a type of residential property where the garage is a standalone structure, separate from the main living space of the house. In this design, the garage is not physically connected to the home, and you will typically access a garage through a lane behind your home. Detached garage homes can offer a unique aesthetic with front porches and beautiful curb appeal. This design choice can also contribute to a more pedestrian-friendly and visually appealing streetscape — something Maple Crest is proud to offer! 

Detached garage home styles are incredibly popular as they provide homeowners with the increased privacy of a single family home, often at a more affordable price point then attached garage homes. The separate structure also allows for flexibility in design and landscaping, providing more options for homeowners to personalize their outdoor space. Overall, detached garage homes are a fantastic option for those looking to move into a single family home in Maple Crest.

What is a duplex?

A duplex is a residential building divided into two separate living units, each with its own entrance and typically sharing a common wall. Essentially, a duplex is a structure that houses two separate, self-contained homes within the same building. Each unit in a duplex usually has its own kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces. Duplexes are a fantastic choice for those looking for a little more space than a condo and a more affordable alternative to a single-family home. 

Duplexes come in two main types: attached and detached garage. In an attached garage duplex, the garage serves as part of the floorplan and is a convenient entrance to the building. Conversely, a detached garage duplex has a separate garage with laned access, offering more space within the unit.

One of the primary benefits of duplex living is that it combines elements of both single-family and multi-family housing. Duplexes are often more affordable than entirely separate single-family homes, making them an attractive option for first-time homebuyers, small families, or individuals seeking homeownership without the higher cost. Despite being part of a larger building, each unit in a duplex provides a sense of privacy and individuality.

Builders in Maple Crest

Maple Crest boasts a diverse array of builders, each with a unique approach and commitment to crafting dream homes that cater to a range of preferences. Whether you envision the spacious elegance of a single-family home or the cozy charm of a duplex, the builders in Maple Crest have you covered! 

Bedrock Homes and Crystal Creek Homes excel in creating attached and detached garage homes, offering a blend of luxury and functionality. Akash Homes specializes in stylish duplexes, and Homes by Avi brings over 40 years of experience to the table, ensuring quality duplex homes that stand the test of time. 

With a collective dedication to personalized experiences and top-notch craftsmanship, these builders turn dreams into reality, making Maple Crest the perfect canvas for your ideal home, whether it’s an inviting duplex or a single-family sanctuary.

Bedrock Homes

When you choose Bedrock Homes, you’re opting for a unique, fantastic experience. With a commitment to quality finishes, personalized floor plans, care and support at every step, and a home built to last, Bedrock Homes is your go-to for attached and detached garage homes, with single-family options starting at $450,000.

Crystal Creek Homes

A preferred builder in Maple Crest since 2013, Crystal Creek Homes has been building in Alberta since 2004. From detached garage homes to luxury estate homes, they put the same skills, passion, and attention to detail into every house in Maple Crest. Attached garage homes start at the $470s.

Get Your 2024 Home in Maple Crest

Living in Maple Crest is not just about owning a home; it’s about embracing a lifestyle of convenience and natural beauty! Accessibility reigns supreme in our community where you can find all your daily essentials, shopping, and entertainment within a few blocks from your front door. Maple Crest is designed for anyone, offering a perfect balance between urban amenities and natural beauty. Stroll along the numerous walking trails, bask in the abundance of green spaces, and relish the sense of community that defines Maple Crest.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join this flourishing neighbourhood and make Maple Crest your home in 2024.

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