Maple Crest

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Maple Crest is a fully developed new construction community designed with your needs in mind. Here, you can buy your brand new home with modern and high-efficiency features, all while enjoying a peaceful community that’s nearly completed construction. Say goodbye to the noise and mess of an ongoing construction zone and hello to a tranquil, convenient lifestyle.

You Need.

Plenty of Greenspace for Your Next Soccer Game
Maple Crest is designed with ample green spaces, providing the perfect environment for outdoor activities. Whether you enjoy a casual jog, a picnic with the family, or an energetic soccer game, our lush parks and expansive fields are ready for you.
Driving Confidently on Complete Roads
One of the significant benefits of living in Maple Crest is the well-maintained, fully paved roads throughout the community. You can drive with confidence, knowing that you won’t encounter any unfinished or hazardous streets. Smooth roads mean safer, more enjoyable drives whether you’re heading to work, dropping the kids off at school, or exploring your new neighborhood.
Playgrounds Filled with Fun and Laughter
Our community features two fully equipped playgrounds designed for children of all ages. These vibrant play areas are not just safe but also filled with engaging structures and equipment. Watch your kids make new friends, explore their creativity, and enjoy countless hours of fun in our beautifully maintained playgrounds.
Get Around the City and Commute with Ease
Maple Crest’s prime location offers excellent connectivity to major highways and public transport systems. This ensures that your daily commutes are quick and hassle-free. Whether you work in the city or need to travel frequently, living here means you’ll spend less time on the road and more time enjoying your home and community.
Nearby Shopping Just Minutes from Your Door
Convenience is key at Maple Crest. Our community is located near a variety of shopping centers, grocery stores, and essential services. You’ll find everything you need just a short drive or walk away, making it easy to run errands, pick up groceries, or enjoy a day out shopping without the need for a long trip.
Active Family Dynamics with Tons of Fun Stuff to Do
Maple Crest offers a range of activities and amenities that cater to all family members. From neighourhood events, sports facilities, and social clubs to hobby classes and fitness centers, there’s always something to do. This fosters a dynamic, engaged community where everyone can find activities they love and build meaningful connections with neighbors.
Completed Construction for Total Peace and Quiet
Enjoy the tranquility of living in a fully developed community. With all major construction projects completed, you can savor the peace and quiet of your new home without the disruptions of ongoing construction work. This means no more loud machinery, construction dust, or blocked roads – just a serene environment to call home.
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You Don't.

Missing Greenspace for Your Fun and Games
In many developing communities, green spaces are often the last to be completed. At Maple Crest, we’ve ensured that you have plenty of well-maintained parks and recreational areas from day one, so you’ll never have to miss out on outdoor fun and games.
Messy, Rough, and Never Complete Roads
Living in a community where roads are under constant construction can be a nightmare. At Maple Crest, all roads are fully paved and maintained, so you can enjoy a smooth and safe driving experience without worrying about construction delays or hazardous conditions.
Playgrounds Are Fenced Off or Waiting to Be Finished
There’s nothing more disappointing for children than seeing a fenced-off playground they can’t use. In Maple Crest, all playgrounds are ready and waiting for your children to enjoy, eliminating the frustration of inaccessible or incomplete play areas.
Annoyed with a Long Commute that Adds Stress
Long commutes can significantly impact your quality of life. Maple Crest’s strategic location ensures that you’re always close to major transit routes and public transportation options, reducing your commute time and stress.
Distant Shopping Centres Almost Not Worth the Drive
Having to drive long distances for basic shopping needs can be incredibly inconvenient. Maple Crest offers nearby shopping centers, making it easy and quick to get everything you need without the hassle of long drives.
Longing for the Always ‘Coming Soon’ Fun Stuff to Do
Waiting for promised amenities that are always ‘coming soon’ can be frustrating. At Maple Crest, all community amenities are already in place and operational, so you can immediately start enjoying everything the community has to offer!
Community Construction Seems to Be Never-Ending
Ongoing construction can disrupt your peace and create an unpleasant living environment. Maple Crest is a completed community, meaning you won’t have to deal with the constant noise, dust, and inconvenience of continuous construction work.
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Why Choose Maple Crest?

Maple Crest offers the perfect blend of modern living and community convenience. Our builders design homes that are modern, comfortable, and energy-efficient, ensuring you live life to the fullest in your brand new home. With the community being already established, you can move in and start enjoying your new lifestyle immediately, without the wait or the hassle.

Ready to Make Maple Crest Your Home?

Our builders have plenty of homes available! Whether you’re looking for a move-in ready quick possession or to custom design your home, there are tons of options for you. Contact your preferred builder today to schedule a tour and see for yourself why Maple Crest is the ideal place for your family. Experience the benefits of a fully developed community and find your dream home in Maple Crest.

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Maple Crest: Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t.


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