Maple Crest’s Newest Playground Now Open

Maple Crest has welcomed another fantastic amenity to our community: a brand new playground! With funding from Dream and organizational help from the Maple Crest Community Association, this fantastic new playground is the perfect addition to our community. 

What Equipment is there at the New Maple Crest Playground?

This playground is a wonderful design from Park n Play Design which has an inclusive and accessible design. The playground features equipment that’s suitable for children ages two and up, making it a wonderful choice for families! 

Some of the key equipment features includes:

  • An expression swing
  • Accessible ramps
  • A large net structure
  • Musical devices
  • Maple Leaf jumping pads
  • A large swing set

The large net structure is going to put this playground on the map for its fun and vibrant colours, versatile play options, and expansive play space, and the jumping pads, musical devices, and swing sets are a fun way for children of all ages to play together!

Expression swings promote intergenerational play where adults or older children can play face-to-face with younger children, enjoying the swing set safely while still playing together. Accessible ramps ensure that everyone in Maple Crest is invited to play, and that no children will be left out, regardless of mobility. This playground, according to Park n Play Design, was designed specially to include the Seven Principles of Inclusive Play.

What are the Seven Principles of Inclusive Play?

The Seven Principles of Inclusive Play are derived from the seven principles of universal design, something that was created to help architects, digital designers, civil planners, and any other profession who designs spaces or products for people to design with inclusivity in mind. The seven tenets of universal design are equitable use, flexibility in use, simple and intuitive use, perceptible information, tolerance for error, low physical effort, and size and space for approach and use. Park n Play Design followed the lead of PlayCore, who took these principles for universal design, and ensured they were made kid-friendly for the Seven Principles of Inclusive Play. The Seven Principles of Inclusive Play are:

  • Fair. The playground has equitable play opportunities for children of all ages and abilities. 
  • Included. No matter a child’s mobility, needs, or abilities, they will be able to use the playground to some extent and feel included.
  • Smart. The playground is designed to be used instinctually with simple play elements.
  • Independent. Children can use the playground independently with a variety of entry and exit points to the structure.
  • Safe. The playground meets all safety requirements from the City and has rest and observation points.
  • Active. The playground can be actively used by children with a variety of physical needs.
  • Comfortable. The playground is designed to be comfortable for long play periods, including shade and seating areas. 

Enjoying Maple Crest’s Newest Park

We’re so grateful for the hard work put into making Maple Crest an amazing place to live! This playground is a perfect addition to our community with accessible play options that children of all ages and abilities can enjoy, and we’re glad it found a wonderful home here in Maple Crest. Be sure to visit our newest park this summer, and tag @maplecrestcommunity on Instagram with your photos!