Maple Road’s Secondary Access Now Open

Maple Crest Community is buzzing with excitement as we unveil a game-changing development – the opening of the secondary access route on Maple Road. It’s a significant milestone that’s set to transform the way residents and future homeowners navigate the neighborhood. With the completed construction of Maple Road, there are plenty of benefits this secondary access brings to our community.

Benefits of this Secondary Access to Maple Road

1. Smoother Southbound Commutes 

Driving south on 17th Street can be quite busy, especially where the road turns into a single lane. With the completion of Maple Road’s construction, navigating through the southern part of 17th Street has never been easier. The secondary access on Maple Road slices off a substantial chunk of your commute time, saving you several minutes – especially whenever there’s traffic on 17th Street!. Say goodbye to long waits in traffic and hello to a quicker, more efficient journey. The convenience this offers can’t be overstated, making your daily drives a breeze.

2. Convenient Access to Amenities 

Depending on the time of day, getting to the Meadows Recreation Centre and shopping district along 17th Street can take some time. However, Maple Road’s secondary access has you covered. Now, you can zip over to these amenities with ease by going through the community instead of down 17th Street. This will make your daily routines more efficient and enjoyable. Whether it’s a visit to the rec center for a workout or a shopping spree, everything is closer than ever before.

3. Bypass Interior Traffic 

Tired of heading north and winding through the community’s streets just to turn south? The secondary access on Maple Road allows you to bypass internal traffic, streamlining your route to where you need to be. No more detours, no more delays – it’s a direct path to your destination. This convenience means absolutely no hassle as you travel in and out of Maple Crest

4. Fast-Track to the Latest Stages

For those looking to build their dream home in Maple Crest’s newest stages, this secondary access is a game-changer. Stages 10, 11, and 12 are currently selling, offering a golden opportunity to secure a beautiful, brand-new home in our thriving community that is close to the secondary access on Maple Road. With Maple Road’s completed construction, getting in and out of these new stages will be faster and more convenient than ever before. Enjoy every aspect of buying a home in Maple Crest, including a convenient commute in and out of the community! 

Whether you’re a resident looking to enjoy more accessible commutes and amenities or a prospective homeowner eager to take advantage of the latest development stages, the secondary access on Maple Road further elevates the convenience Maple Crest has to offer.

Build a Home in Maple Crest’s Final Stages

Don’t miss out! If you’re in the market for a stunning, brand-new home, be sure to get in touch with one of our builders today. These newest stages are in high demand, and the secondary Maple Road access ensures that everything you need is within quick and easy reach when you call Maple Crest home. It’s not just about a home; it’s about a lifestyle of convenience and accessibility. Visit our show homes today to take advantage of all that Maple Crest has to offer!