Meet Maple Crest’s Newest Builders

maple crest's new stage

Singh Builders and Fauj Homes are Building in Maple Crest’s Final Stage

Maple Crest is reaching its final development stages. As we get to our last construction stages, we’re excited to welcome two exceptional builders, Singh Builders and Fauj Homes. Both of these builders bring a unique touch to home construction, offering quality, style, and a commitment to excellence. Let’s delve into what makes Singh Builders and Fauj Homes stand out, the types of homes they offer, and how you can become a proud homeowner in Maple Crest.

Singh Builders: Craftsmanship and Innovation

About Singh Builders

Singh Builders has earned a stellar reputation for their dedication to craftsmanship, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With a focus on creating homes that reflect the latest in architectural design and technology and offering a bespoke home building experience, Singh Builders ensures that every home they build is a masterpiece.

What Makes Singh Builders Special?

  1. Innovative Design: Singh Builders is known for incorporating the latest design trends and building techniques. Their homes feature modern layouts, open-concept spaces, and high-quality finishes that cater to contemporary lifestyles.
  2. Quality Construction: Attention to detail and a commitment to using the finest materials are hallmarks of Singh Builders. Their homes are built to last, providing a durable and beautiful living environment.
  3. Customization Options: Singh Builders offers a range of customization options, allowing homeowners to personalize their space to fit their unique tastes and needs. From selecting finishes to modifying floor plans, the possibilities are endless.

Types of Homes by Singh Builders

Singh Builders is building beautiful front attached family homes in Maple Crest. These beautiful homes offer an impressive range of features, including 3 to 5 spacious bedrooms, 3 modern bathrooms, luxury kitchens, and versatile bonus rooms that provide ample space for relaxation or entertainment. For those who enjoy culinary adventures, optional spice kitchens add a touch of convenience and flair to the cooking experience. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality, Singh Builders ensures that every home in Maple Crest is not just a place to live, but a sanctuary designed to meet the diverse needs of contemporary families.

How to Get a Singh Builders Home in Maple Crest

Purchasing a Singh Builders home in Maple Crest is easy! Start by checking out their available lots on our website. Then, you can reach out to them directly and request to speak with a sales associate who will be able to talk to you about your building options and start working on the home building process. You can also check out their website to explore available floor plans and design options. Then, it’s time to begin the journey to owning your dream home!

View Singh’s Available Lots

Fauj Homes: Tradition Meets Modernity

About Fauj Homes

Fauj Homes brings a blend of tradition and modernity to home construction. Known for their commitment to community and family values, Fauj Homes focuses on creating homes that foster a sense of belonging and comfort.

What Makes Fauj Homes Special?

  1. Great Value: Fauj Homes is dedicated to providing great value by combining high-quality construction with thoughtful design and exceptional customer service, ensuring homeowners receive the best possible experience and investment.
  2. Quality and Integrity: Integrity in construction and transparency in dealings are core principles of Fauj Homes. They use high-quality materials and construction practices to ensure the longevity and reliability of their homes.
  3. Customer-Centric Approach: Fauj Homes prioritizes customer satisfaction, offering exceptional service from the initial consultation to the final handover. Collaboration between team members, designers, and customers ensure that Fauj Homes delivers homes that exceed expectations.

Types of Homes by Fauj Homes

Fauj Homes is building beautiful homes in Maple Crest. You can check out their available duplexes and front attached garages that cater to diverse living needs. These homes, ranging from three to five bedrooms and featuring three to four bathrooms, are designed with modern families in mind. Homeowners can enjoy the luxury of spice kitchens for enhanced culinary experiences, upgraded kitchens for the gourmet chef, and dedicated office spaces for work or study. Large garages provide ample storage and parking, ensuring convenience and practicality. With a focus on quality and thoughtful design, Fauj Homes offers beautiful, functional living spaces that enrich the Maple Crest community.

How to Get a Fauj Home in Maple Crest

To get started with Fauj Homes in Maple Crest, check out their available lots to see where you can start building your home. Fauj also has a wide variety of quick possessions available in Maple Crest. You can visit their website to explore their portfolio and available home designs. After you’re ready to choose your home, contact their sales team to schedule a consultation and discuss your homeownership goals. With Fauj Homes, you can be assured of a smooth and satisfying home-buying experience.

View Fauj’s Available Lots

Build a Home in Maple Crest

Maple Crest is a thriving and mostly developed community, with established streetscapes, gorgeous natural reserves, and complete roads, Maple Crest is a dream to live in! There are still prime opportunities to build a brand new home in Maple Crest while still getting to enjoy all the benefits of an established community. This unique chance allows our future community members to enjoy the best of both worlds: a mature community ambiance with the personalized touch and modern amenities of a newly constructed home. Don’t miss out on the remaining lots where you can create the home of your dreams, perfectly tailored to your lifestyle and preferences.

Check Out Maple Crest’s Newest Builders

Maple Crest is thrilled to have Singh Builders and Fauj Homes as part of its growing community. Both builders offer unique strengths, from innovative design and quality construction to a focus on community and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for a modern front attached single-family home or an affordable duplex, Singh Builders and Fauj Homes have something to offer. Explore their offerings today and take the first step towards owning your dream home in Maple Crest.