Spring Planning in Maple Crest

Spring is just around the corner (or should we say, true spring) and that means the time for landscaping, maintenance, and home updates is here! Spring and summer are incredibly busy periods for landscapers, carpenters, and other contractors, so it’s important to plan your spring maintenance and work early. Here are some tips and things to look into as you plan for warmer weather this year!


If you’re looking to complete your landscaping or make some changes this year, it’s a good idea to book landscaping services early! Looking into landscaping early gives you a chance to have different companies quote out your project, as well as opportunities to discuss with landscaping companies how to best utilize your property! Whether you’re starting from scratch with new sod, shrubs and the works, or you’re looking to upgrade your landscaping with some flower beds and trees, it’s always a good idea to get a head start and book your landscaping services early for more enjoyment in the summer!


If this summer is anything like last year, we will be spending a lot of time in our backyards. That means upgrading or adding a deck might be a fantastic investment this season! Building a deck can be quite a process as you need to ensure everything is up to code, that your deck is the right size for your lot, and you have the right kind of wood and stain you want. Now is a great time to start researching how you’d like your deck to look, what kind of stains or paint colours interest you, as well as the cost and work associated with building it yourself compared to hiring a contractor. If you’re thinking about building the deck yourself, you’ll need to look into permitting (which can be incredibly time consuming), getting structurally stable plans made, ensuring your deck will be up to code, and that you have all the tools and materials you need. A contractor will usually apply for all of  the necessary permits, and a professional agreement will have a warranty for the structure of the deck, plus they will be finished in an agreed upon time. If you’re thinking about upgrading your deck or adding one to your home, be sure to get started on plans soon!


An additional option for your backyard oasis design is to develop a beautiful patio and sitting area. Patios can be poured concrete slabs or intricate stonework, among other options, and they are a great feature to have! When it comes to outdoor barbecues or sunbathing, patios are a fantastic asset. If you’re looking into building out a patio this summer, be sure to plan ahead. You’ll want to figure out the size you want and preferred material early on so you can price compare different contractors!


Having a high quality fence between your property and another increases aesthetics of your lot as well as increases privacy. Typically, the cost of a fence is shared between neighbours as a fence marks a clear division of property lines and is enjoyed by both parties. If you’re looking into upgrading your fence, be sure to speak with your neighbours to discuss an arrangement for cost sharing and planning. Discussing costs and designs with your neighbours as well as arranging for the fence to be built can take a lot of time, so it’s a good idea to get a head start on it — especially if you’re going to hire a contractor to build the fence!

Eaves Cleaning

After Fall and Winter, it’s important to clean out your eavestroughs of all the leaves, snow mold, and other items that may have been trapped in the eaves. Booking your eaves cleaning early can help ensure an early spot so less risk of any damage or flooding by the time spring rain comes along.

Getting an early start on your spring planning is a great way to enjoy the majority of the warmer months without having to worry about booking contractors, getting permits, and getting everything done. Maple Crest Community is such a wonderful place to live, so getting your spring planning done early makes enjoying your beautiful home even easier!