How to Strengthen Bonds Within Your Community

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In a world of constant connection through social media and cell phones, many of us have likely found ourselves still feeling disconnected from those around us. Finding connection within your community is a great way to improve your neighbourhood experience. Many of us don’t know the names of any of our neighbours, but getting to know those around us can have a huge benefit and strengthen community bonding. Here in Maple Crest Community, we think connection within community is incredibly important, that’s why we’ve put together a list of ways to strengthen bonds within your community!

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Benefits of Knowing your Neighbours

There are many benefits to getting to know your neighbours. From practical benefits to simply making new friends, the list of reasons to know your neighbours can go on and on. Here are Maple Crest Community’s top benefits to getting to know your neighbours.

1. Making Your Community Safer

By getting to know your neighbours, you can create a much safer community. From looking out for each other’s children to understanding which cars do and do not belong to your neighbours, getting to know members of your community can help make sure everyone looks out for one another and ensures a safer neighbourhood. 

2. Make Going Out of Town Easier

When you know your neighbours, going on vacation can be a lot easier with more peace of mind. If you let your neighbours know you’re going out of town, they can make sure your home stays safe and in good condition.

3. Helping Each Other Out

By getting to know your neighbours, you can create a community that works with each other and helps each other out. Maybe your elderly neighbour needs help shovelling their driveway, maybe your neighbour who is a fantastic cook can teach you something new. By getting to know your neighbours and creating a sense of community, if you find yourself in need of help, you can call on those around you.

4. Creating a Network

By getting to know your neighbours you can create fantastic networking opportunities. Your neighbours can help you find trusted people, whether you need a babysitter, freelancer, new job, or tenant. 

5. Creating a Happier Community

Getting to know your neighbours may encourage kind deeds and a larger sense of joy within the community. Because you know the people around you, you’ll likely have a greater sense of good will where you want to help each other out, and your neighbours want to do the same. Good neighbours make for a more comfortable, happy place to live.

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Maple Crest’s Top Ways to Strengthen Community Bonding

Getting to know your neighbours can take a lot of courage. It’s difficult to put ourselves out there and ask someone to get together. The reward, though, of getting to know your neighbours is well worth the leap of faith it takes as it leads to a strong community with members who support each other. Here are a few of our favourite ways to strengthen your community bonding.

Community Groups

Most communities have dedicated groups that plan events and organize new additions to the community, these are called community leagues. The Maple Crest Community League is called Fulton Meadows Community League. Community Leagues can create formal events or help you to arrange larger community gatherings, such as potluck dinners or block parties and help in community bonding.

Other community groups could include a walking group, getting together with dog owners at a park, bird watching, a parents group, sewing group, or any other activity that gets members of the community together for a fun activity. Finding a common interest is a great way to make new friends and strengthen your community bonds!

strengthen the bonds within your community

Encourage Playdates Around the Neighbourhood

Encouraging kids from around the community to play together is a great way to share childcare as well as make new friends (both children and adults)! Many children who have friends living nearby are happier and healthier, and by playing in groups they are also safer. Parents with children of similar ages can also connect and form friendships, creating another support system within the community.

Participate in Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to connect with neighbours in a volunteering event. You can organize events that help out the community, such as Pitch-In where you can get together to make sure your community is nice and clean after the snow melts. Other volunteering opportunities could be helping at food banks, chaperone field trips, helping out at local nonprofits, and more! By creating a giving atmosphere, the bonds in your community will surely be strengthened!

strengthen the bonds within your community

Get to Know Your Neighbours Personally

Sometimes the first step towards strengthening community bonds is to say ‘hello’. Get to know your neighbours, whether through small talk when you see each other outside or having coffee every once in a while. Knowing your neighbours personally will help you grow a stronger bond and enjoy the benefits of truly belonging to a community.

Find Ways to Be a Good Role Model

A final way we think strengthens community bonding is through being a good role model. It’s important to try and be our best selves, whether we’re interacting with a neighbour or modelling good behaviour in front of kids. By putting our best foot forward and trying to show kindness, respect, and humility, we can strengthen our community!

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Maple Crest Community is a fantastic place to live and grow. Whether you’re just moving to the community or have lived here for years, it’s never too late to start participating in community and strengthening the bonds between neighbours!