Tips for Moving to a New Community

tips for moving to a new community

Moving into a new community can be a nerve-wracking experience. You want to ensure that you and your family are able to easily become situated with your new environment. Maple Crest Community is a warm and welcoming one, but it can still take some work to feel right at home in your new community! Here are some of our top tips for moving into a new community.

Tour the community

Before moving into a new community, be sure to take a tour and learn how to get around. Taking a tour to find the playground, walking trails, and other points of interest is a great way to feel settled in your new community. 

Research available schools

Something that will greatly benefit your kids and help as you move to a new community is researching schools ahead of time. Figure out where your kids are zoned to attend and make sure you’re happy with it. It’s far better to plan ahead in order to make sure your kids feel comfortable at their new school,

Plan your commute ahead of time

Before your first day of work in your new home, drive from your new community to your place of work. This will give you a better understanding of how long your commute will take as well as ensure that you’re choosing the best route. 

Check out the community amenities

A great way to explore the community and ensure your family is as excited about the move as you are is to check out all the community amenities. Visit all the walking trails and greenspaces, spend some time at the park, and, for all of us in Maple Crest, enjoy the gorgeous natural amenities found in Fulton Marsh and Creek!

Meet your neighbours

A great way to make moving to a new community as easy as possible is to get to know your neighbors ahead of time. Introduce yourself and let your neighbours know you’ve recently moved in. This will make sure your neighbours recognize you as part of the community as well as help you potentially make new friends!

Attend community events

When you’re moving to a new community, it’s important to not be shy. If you find out there are new and exciting things going on, be sure to attend! Attending community events is not only lots of fun, but it also means you get to meet new people and make new friends. Community events can range from dog walking groups to potlucks, and everything in between! It’s important to put yourself out there when you move to a new community.


Another great way to meet people and help yourself feel at ease after moving to a new community is to volunteer. You can offer to chaperone field trips at your children’s school or work to collect donations for a food drive. This will help you feel like a part of the community and ensure you’re getting to know other people in the area.

Maple Crest Community is a fantastic place to live! With plenty of builders offering homes of all sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect home for your family. Follow our tips to moving into a new community to help make the move to Maple Crest as great as it can be!