Top Things to Consider When Picking a Community for Your New Home

Choosing a new community to build a home can be difficult. There are many different communities throughout Edmonton to choose from, so it’s important to find a community that has all the key features you’re looking for. Here are some of the top things to consider when picking a community for your new home.

1. Connectivity to the City

Being connected to the rest of the city is incredibly important, especially if you plan to commute for work or have friends and social engagements on opposite sides of the city. When choosing a new community, check to see the time it would take to get to different locations, and how easy or difficult it is to get onto major roadways. Maple Crest Community is very well connected to the rest of the city. Maple Crest is conveniently located in southeast Edmonton, right next to the Whitemud and Anthony Henday highways, so you can get almost anywhere in the city within 30 minutes!

2. Natural Amenities

Natural amenities are an important part of choosing a community. Going for walks and spending time outdoors is a fun and healthy way to enjoy your community, so it’s important that the community you choose has designated spaces for outdoor activities. Maple Crest Community has a wide variety of natural amenities to choose from. Fulton Marsh is a beautiful protected wetlands area in the heart of the community that features wildlife, seating, and walking trails. There are also beautiful walking trails throughout the entire community of Maple Crest along with green spaces, treed areas, and Fulton Creek!

3. Friendly Neighbourhood

A friendly, welcoming community is an important consideration for choosing where to build your new home. Communities that have friendly relationships between community members can make for a much more positive experience when you’re moving into a new community. Maple Crest is an incredibly friendly community where you’ll be able to make new friends! 

4. Builders to Choose From

When you’re choosing a new community to build your dream home, make sure that the community has a variety of builders to choose from. You want to make sure that the community you’re building in has builders who will make a variety of home styles as well as have plenty of options for floorplans and personalizations. Maple Crest has a wide variety of builders who offer many different home styles and options. We have six builders within the community; Crystal Creek Homes, Hopewell Residential, and Bedrock Homes build single family homes (attached garage and laned homes), and Homes by Avi, Look Master Builder, and Akash Homes build duplexes! We also have another builder coming to the community, Active Homes. 

5. Shopping and Necessities Nearby

Connectivity to the rest of the city is important, but so is making sure that all your necessities and quick shopping needs are close by. When choosing a community for your new home, make sure that there are plenty of shopping options that will meet your family’s needs. Maple Crest is 5 minutes away from two major shopping spaces that will meet all your grocery and shopping needs. Right beside Maple Crest Community you can shop at Superstore, Home Depot, Staples, Winners, Petsmart, and more, as well as enjoy several restaurant and coffee options, banking, public transit and gas stations, and other necessities.

6. Entertainment Options

Another thing to consider when choosing a community for your new home is the entertainment options nearby. Make sure that there is plenty to do close to your home in order to get the most out of your new community. Maple Crest has a brand new Landmark Cinemas Theatre, and close by there is the Meadows Rec Centre which has sports arenas, athletic facilities, and a library! There’s plenty to do in Maple Crest!

What to Consider When Choosing a New Community

When looking for your new community to build in, make sure you take into consideration all the features that are important to making this community feel like home. Maple Crest has so much to offer from amenities to choose from to fantastic building options. If you’re seeking the perfect community to build your new home in, make sure to visit Maple Crest!